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What lies behind the child abuse cover-ups ?

UK Column News [10 August 2017]

"We reported about a week ago that we were getting concerned because people were telling us about events in Sheffield where the children of immigrant families were being targeted by Sheffield social services supported by the police. They were taking children - certainly taking children away from protective parents, whether that was the mother or the father - and the child ultimately being taken away for fostering or given to the abusive parent."

"Now what I want to say is we`ve had a steady stream of information coming in on this but we still can`t report fully because of an ongoing court case but we`ve now got other individuals who`ve come forward as a result of our reports talking about this being a template aimed at immigrant communities, or the children of immigrant communities, which is taking place in other areas. So this is what is being reported through to the UK Column and I can assure you that we`ve done enough research to date to know that the people contacting us are telling the truth about what they`re seeing."

"This is the image though that the mainstream press are trying to put across. So we`ve got Sarah Champion  in a Telegraph article and she`s on the subject of Pakistani and Asian men. She said: `People are more afraid to be called a racist than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse... We have got now hundreds of men, Pakistani men, who have been convicted of this crime..."

"Why are we not commissioning research to see what is going on and how we need to change what is going on so that it never happens again? ... if such crimes were being committed by, for example, a `motorbike gang` we would recognise that as an indicator and we would deal with it`..."

"Now I think this lady`s heart is in the right place but I think she`s utterly falling into the trap which is being set, which is that the only cases which are being brought to court at the moment, or the majority of cases being brought, are heavily focused on Asian gangs - absolutely correct, those men are abusing the children - but in the background we have massive abuse of children, white children, Christian, Asian, all sorts of children, which is being carried out by the local authorities themselves with the help of the courts and the police and of course none of this is being reported; neither are we seeing any investigation into the reports of abuse within the walls of Westminster. "

"So I think the agenda here Mike in the mainstream press, they are using the child abuse issue as another stick in order to try and deflect people into hatred between races or religions."

Mike Robinson. "I`m going to say that`s absolutely right. This was the front page of the Daily Mail this morning `How many more girls` lives torn apart by sex gangs? Now look Brian, it is a fact that we have been criticised quite often in the past for our coverage of this subject. We`ve been accused of glossing over the fact that these sex gangs are mostly Asian and Muslim. We`ve even been accused of apologising for them which of course as you`ve just said we absolutely are not. But what we are doing is trying to encourage people to focus on why these gangs are allowed to operate. Because they are being allowed to operate. Who`s behind the cover-up of this activity? Because until we deal with that question we can`t find any permanent fix to the issue of sex gangs whether they`re Muslim or otherwise. "

"So again I urge people to read the Common Purpose Effect series of articles written by Martin Edwards mainly, and absolutely superb articles. If you want to understand how this is happening, you`ve got to understand that."

"And let me also remind you of this article from the BBC. Why wasn`t mother warned of paedophile? This was on the BBC website a few days ago which highlighted the fact that it was Thames Valley chief constable Sarah Thornton who had covered up for the child abuser at the centre of this story. And this is the same Sarah Thornton as we mentioned last week who systematically covered up the abuses of Oxford and Cherwell Valley College which we were working on bringing to the public domain since 2011. "

"And this particular article appeared in 2013. And this is the same Sarah Thornton who`s now head of the National Police Chiefs` Council.  So this woman has questions to answer. Common Purpose has questions to answer because if you look at the places where the grooming and the sex gangs were operating we find a massive Common Purpose presence among the people who are making the decisions about whether people were to be prosecuted or were turning a blind eye in many cases; and you`ve got to ask the question: was this intentional or was it not? Were they permitting this activity to take place or were they not? Were they permitting it to take place because at some future date it would give them the opportunity to encourage people to look in the direction of Muslims rather than looking in their own direction. There are lots of questions to be answered here. "

"And let`s just get back to Sarah Thornton chairwoman of the National Police Chiefs` Council and of course one of her colleagues is the chief constable of Northumbria Police and the news is full of this story today: Police use of child rapist informant in underage abuse case `beggars belief`, says NSPCC. Because this is an incredible situation where the Northumbria Police recruited a child rapist to spy on parties where the police believed that underage girls would be present and they would be abused. And even the NSPCC has come out and said that this situation beggars belief. So this child rapist informant was paid £10,000 by the police to assist the investigation. The Chief constable claims that this man was not committing any offences in the process of work he was doing for the police and you know I`m almost speechless... The situation we`re in at the moment Brian where we have cover-up after cover-up and evidence after evidence; but we don`t look at parliament; we don`t look at the police; we don`t look at local councils and social services and Common Purpose. Instead we look at Muslims."

"And Asians."

"And the Asians. If they`ve committed an offence they get taken to court and they get convicted and they go to prison; that`s absolutely right; but this will continue to happen until we start looking at the source of the problem."

"Indeed... What struck me with this headline is of course the comment is from NSPCC. We know from survivors of child abuse that many of those survivors are highly suspicious of charities like NSPCC. They say, don`t trust them; they`re too close to the abuse going on ... we asked the Metropolitan police why they were using NSPCC to answer their numbers on the Met police website - so if you called in thinking you were speaking to the police you`re actually put through to the NSPCC. So no separation of powers here Mike."

"No. And just as a closing comment on the chief constable for Northumbria... he is really keen to achieve a Common Purpose with partners. And this is the key problem. It says Common Purpose with partners. This is what allows the cover-up to take place. Because as you say, no separation of powers and this is a heading from Northumbria police accounts. Ensuring the Force and Partners Work Together to Achieve a Common Purpose with Clearly Defined Functions and Roles. It seems to me the clearly defined functions and roles at the core of that is the words cover-up."

"Indeed. And of course Mike... well several years ago you and I and another lady were in one of the police stations in Plymouth ... reporting that a little baby boy was being abused - not sexually, but neglected, as the abuse, in South Wales - and far from being received with care, concern, interest, we had a sergeant in that police station shouting at us in a very aggressive way. In fact we were told to get out of his interview room. Clearly he was not interested in any evidence about the abuse of children...Looking back at that incident [I think] that particular officer was scared of the information we had. "

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The breach world of tech

"In the UK, the most important piece of legislation organisations must worry about is the Data Protection Act and the possibilility of fines by the information commissioner (ICO). The Techworld site offers what they believe to be one of the ten most significant data breaches to hit the UK..."

Kiddicare (2016)

"Online child products retailer Kiddicare was forced to admit it had exposed real customer data when testing a new website in 2015. In this case, the mistake was only noticed when customers started receiving suspicious SMS text messages asking them to take an online survey and an investigation eventually uncovered an error. As with many UK breaches, the company played down the fact it had let names, addresses and contact details of up to 800,000 people fall into malevolent hands with the excuse that no credit card data had been compromised (which would have been its liability had it done so). "

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Mental health recruitment

UK Column News [31 July 2017]

Recruiting for the NHS

"The NHS is going to recruit 2,000 more GPs, they say, from abroad as it meets its staffing targets. That`s according to Simon Stephens who`s the head of NHS England and this is in addition to 500 already planned. He said that an industrial scale recruitment programme from abroad is ... needed. And the government has set out a target of recruiting 5,000 GPs by 2020. "

"Nobody really thinks they`re going to manage to meet that target. ...Well first of all Mr Stephens he said although there`s some good signs of progress on increasing GP training nevertheless there are real pressures around retirements. So people are leaving; people are retiring; they can`t fill those gaps. So the conclusion we`ve come to is in order to increase the likelihood of being able to have 5,000 more doctors in general practice we`re going to need a significantly expanded industrial scale international recruitment programme. We intend to launch that in the autumn. "

"So despite Brexit, this is part of the reason I believe they are particularly concerned about immigration policy, and so on, and the notion of not having any cliff edges."

Recruiting for Mental Health

"Jeremy Hunt said that `The NHS needs to recruit doctors and nurses from all over Europe and that is going to continue after we leave the European Union.` Well that`s pretty good because today he`s also mentioning... 21,000 additional staff required for mental health programmes - for mental health care in this country. And they aren`t going to be able to source those people from the UK because they haven`t put the training in place in the last number of years."

Brian Gerrish: "This is the key bit they never talk about, Mike, is why we haven`t got these people. And on one hand we`re saying we haven`t got people within this country who are trained to do these jobs and on the other hand we know we`ve brought in people particularly from the European Union who can`t speak English with enough clarity to do their job within the NHS anyway. So what we see is this chaotic situation and let`s remember that those Tory MPs a couple of years ago were actually saying that the Conservative party planned to introduce a period of what they said was being called `constructive chaos`. That seems to be the period that we`re in."

Mike Robinson continues: "But anyway as I said Jeremy Hunt talking about the big expansion of mental health services in Europe. They need 21,000 people. This is the softening of Brexit once again but the focus being on mental health."

Recruiting for the Department of Work and Pensions

"Absolutely. Well let`s follow through on this. We`ve obviously got the BBC headline here on this: Mental health staff recruitment plan for England. But the other place that is going to be using mental health staff - and it would appear that some of these are going to be their own trained people - is the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). So if we go back, this is March this year; interesting headline from the Independent:  DWP`s fit-to-work tests `cause permanent damage to mental health`, study finds."

"So we`re recruiting more mental health professionals but the DWP is not only recruiting more of these people itself they`re also using them on the ground and on Friday I had a particularly interesting report from a lady who had recently gone to DWP up in the Midlands area and she was horrified to be asked a whole series of questions about her mental health. She said she took great delight in realising that there was something very dangerous going on here and so in every box she put down how exceptionally well she felt and that resulted in the professional there - she didn`t know whether the gentleman was qualified in mental health or not - but he questioned her as to how she could be so happy while she was there in the DWP."

Mike Robinson: "So of course... people go there for benefits, for advice on employment, and so on, and suddenly they`re getting some kind of mental health screening."

"Well they are, and let me just read a little bit of this. This is from that Independent report. This says: the government`s fit to work tests for access to disability benefits have caused `permanent damage` to some claimants` mental health from which they are not recovering. The research conducted by academics at Edinburgh`s Heriot-Watt and Napier universities found that the work capability assessment experience for many caused `a deterioration in people`s mental health which individuals did not recover from`."

"So what they`re really saying is that the stress and the aggressive way which the DWP is using these mental health tests on people who are already under huge pressure, because they haven`t got jobs - presumably they`re short of money; maybe they`re having trouble housing or feeding themselves - the pressure of those tests was causing them harm - not just harm that they were recovering from but permanent mental health [harm.] So this appears to me Mike to be an attack on the individual. We`ve got the mental health field; we`ve got psychology, psychiatry being used to attack people instead of support and help them."

Mike. Robinson: "So if you`re creating a new mental health profit centre for potential future privatisation within the NHS, of course, you`ve got to provide the feedstock for that perhaps. Maybe that`s a hard phrase to use but I`m using that because that seems to be the way these people are viewing ordinary human beings."

Brian Gerrish: "Follow the money. So let`s just do that."

The charity business

"I did a little bit of work on just one of the charities that was providing advice on that Work Capability Assessment and this is Rethink Mental Illness. Of course this is a charity that advertises itself for doing great work for people with mental health problems - but they`ve had to produce this little article advising people how to go about dealing with the Department of Work Capability Assessment. So it must be stressful if Rethink Mental Illness has had to provide some advice."

 "Let`s choose another one and I`ve gone to this one here MQ. It says it`s transforming mental health through research and this is one of the quotes from that website: `With the help of our supporters and the brightest scientists we will uncover breakthrough findings and illuminate our understanding of mental health...`So it says that they are going to achieve the breakthrough and why do they want a breakthrough? So that they can understand mental health. Nothing to do with actually helping people on the ground."

"So I thought it would be good value to have a look at MQ and who`s supporting them."

"So let`s bring them in and the first thing we find on the website is Wellcome Trust and we`ll come on to them in a minute. They are then claiming they`re supported by business but the only organisation that is listed is Q5 which says it`s there to achieve change in every quarter. Of course the change is not defined. They say that their expertise is in organisational change, helping to build better businesses across the world. So this is all corporate Mike. This is all about leadership and change. We don`t see a lot about compassion and people. Let`s have a look at who they work with. Well now we`re getting into the meat of it. We work with Barclays, British Airways and Dow Jones. So that`s all good stuff."

"But let`s remember that Wellcome Trust  up there, the big W. And if you`re not aware of this organisation you need to be. This is their website and here`s the history about the founder, Henry Wellcome. He got very interested in pharmaceuticals. He got very interested in research about what products could apparently help people`s health but this ballooned and basically the organisation then became a billion dollar organisation which was eventually sold on to GlaxoSmithKline. So we`ve got a research organisation which is hand in glove with one of the biggest pharmaceuticals in the world, interested in what?"


"So we follow the charity. Who do we find behind the charity? We find big business which of course needs the sick people in order to use the pharmaceutical products."

"This is going back to Q5.. I just chose one of the people. Rick is managing director of Q5, based in North America. He has executive-level experience across industries and consulting roles with leading companies such as Accenture, Pfizer, Bank of America, Citi Target, News Corporation and Dow Jones."

"But apparently all these people are interested in helping individuals with mental health problems."

Mike Robinson: "Renowned philanthropists."

"Indeed. Apart from GlaxoSmithKline sitting there in the background."

Children and homelessness

"If they are found `intentionally homeless` then the Council can remove them from its homelessness statistics, and no longer has a responsibility to house them beyond 28 days in a B&B. Shelter and other charities have seen that the numbers found `intentionally homeless` have increased considerably since central government instructed Councils to `reduce homelessness`."

"Meanwhile the impact on families and children are devastating. The children in particular face isolation, social exclusion and bullying; they may also miss months of schooling."

Dangerous substance used in attack

"Emily Bowen poured One Shot drain cleaner into a viola case owned by school pupil after she had found out the girl had begun dating a former boyfriend. The instrument was destroyed and a girl was severely injured when she pulled her viola case from a shelf and the acidic liquid poured from the case over her legs."

"The victim was left `screaming in pain` as the acid drain cleaner burned her clothes and onto her skin during the incident in East Lothian. Bowen, now 18, previously admitted to recklessly and culpably pouring sulphuric acid into a viola case in the knowledge it would be removed from a shelf by the victim causing sulphuric acid to spill onto her legs, all to her injury and permanent disfigurement, last September..."

"Yesterday, defence solicitor Jim Stephenson told the court Bowen had recently been diagnosed with autism and was suffering from depression. Mr Stephenson added his young client `struggles to deal with things` and she has a `supportive family` but asked for a community order to be imposed so she can be monitored. But Sheriff O’Grady told the acid attacker: `You should understand there is currently a very real public concern and fear about the emergence of this awful substance`. "

Read more at:

Planned reforms are irresponsible

[Alison Preuss]

"Education secretary John Swinney unveiled changes to the SNP's Named Person scheme at Holyrood in June, almost 12 months after the UK Supreme Court ruled many parts of it illegal."

"In particular, the judges said widespread sharing of family data on the basis of concerns about a child's wellbeing was not compatible with data protection and European human rights laws."

"The planned reforms will instead put the onus onto teachers, NHS staff and social workers to decide whether data sharing would be legal in each case..."

"Allan Norman, who specialises in this area, said: `We have new draft legislation that says, roughly, that officials should share information, provided it is consistent with human rights and data protection laws to do so. True. But I'm afraid that simply shifts the risk to the officials who have to work out what the law means`. "

"`That is grossly irresponsible, and doomed to disaster, if those officials and the Scottish Parliament are looking to exactly the same people as didn't appreciate in the first place that they were getting it wrong, and think that the Supreme Court ruling narrowly applies only to the previous draft legislation`..."

Monday, 7 August 2017

Tribunal starts today about Connor

Sara Ryan and Connor's family have informed the public that the charges against Dr Murphy will be explored at the General Medical Council tribunal starting today for two weeks. [#JusticeforLB]

"The tribunal will enquire into the allegation that, between January 2012 and June 2014, Dr Murphy was employed by the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. It is alleged that, during this employment, the risk assessments carried out by Dr Murphy, in relation to Patient A, were inadequate and she failed to adequately and appropriately gain consent from Patient A and/or his parents for the care and treatment provided."

"It is also alleged that, on 9 April 2013, Dr Murphy prescribed risperidone to Patient A but failed to explain the benefits, risks and side effects of the medication to the patient; indicate whether lorazepam had been used and/or whether it was effective and make a diagnostic formulation for the administration of risperidone."

"It is further alleged that Dr Murphy`s completion of mental capacity assessment forms for Patient A on 16 April 2013 and 21 May 2013 were inadequate."


See A pre-tribunal Sunday in August

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Child Killings in Fife

From the Review into Liam Fee`s death:
"Amongst professionals who dealt with the family, there was inadequate understanding of the roles and responsibilities of other agencies. There was no clear understanding who was in charge of the case. The role of the named person under the principles of Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) policy was relatively new in Fife at the time and not always fully understood by professionals, and may have contributed to confusion as to who was coordinating care for the family."

The role of the named person in the confusion surrounding this case (and others) was never mentioned in the BBC documentary `Fife`s Child Killings`.

State controlled media ?

The BBC tells an MP:  "Your job is to protect the Government."

"In an interview with Emma Dent Coad, MP for Kensington and Chelsea, BBC presenter Nick Robinson argues that Dent Coad should be representing the chairman of the public inquiry into Grenfell Tower to her constituents, rather than representing her constituents' views to the chairman and the government."

Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish and David Scott discuss.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The creative destruction of public services

UK Column News [1st August 2017]

"Something we`ve been talking about quite a lot over the last 18 months is privatisation; and particularly, as George Osborne described it, the biggest privatisation for decades, of course, is to do with the sell off of government held property and so on."

"And we`ve mentioned this organisation before... Now, `One Public Estate` is the combination of the Cabinet Office and the Local Government Association. And the idea is to merge multiple agencies. You can see on screen there they have run 350 projects across 250 councils: health, social care, fire, ambulance, Ministry of Defence, and so it goes on. They are pushing all these people into shared office space and therefore merging their functions to some degree."

"So they`ve now launched a £54 million package to, as they describe it, transform local communities and release land for thousands of new homes. This package comes as part of the new cross government partnership to make smarter use of governmental property and so part of this is a £45 million land release fund which is launched in partnership with the Cabinet Office and Local Government Association`s `One Public Estate` programme. And that`s going to ensure that local councils release some of their unused or surplus land for housing and that will help meet the ambition to unlock enough council land for at least 160,000 homes."

"Well that may well be the case. Who`s going to build those homes? Is it going to be Taylor Wimpey ?  Are you going to buy a home from them that ends up with a leasehold where they have resold the underlying freehold to somebody else. And you find your ground rent, as a result of the lease, doubling every year for twenty years ? "

"So councils, apparently, can now bid for land remediation and small scale infrastructure which will [it is hoped] bring sites forward for housing which would not otherwise have been developed. So this is fantastic but at the heart of this Brian is the issue ... that they are pushing as hard as they can to bring these agencies... together. And that is a complete destruction of the separation of powers, and extremely dangerous."

"Extremely dangerous. Note again Mike that this very serious issue is put across in a cartoon style video. So I believe this is always done because you`re supposed to believe that because this is cartoony, you can relax and have a little bit of a chuckle about it. There`s nothing really serious there. So the presentation of this is very devious, very deceptive. And of course, the locking together of all these agencies with the loss of the separation of powers as you`ve just said is also coming with the fact that we have the government`s own `Behavioural Insights Team` boasting that it can use applied psychology to simply change the way people think within any or all of those integrated units."

"So this is the hive that is being built here very quickly. Immensely dangerous. And many people still unaware of where this really goes. And the other thing I think I should comment on is that we are getting more and more reports of fraud and corruption across the country followed up by very aggressive attitudes by local authorities and the police when you try and expose it. If you integrate all these authorities, that corruption is going to spread even faster; and, of course, there`s no separation of powers to take the lid off it when you discover it and try and do something about it."

"These two men are telling us clearly that the aim is destruction of the public services as we know [them]. And I think we now have to put on top of that: `Yesterday the Tory/Labour/LibDem ministers - it doesn`t matter what they do, including criminal acts - they`re immune from prosecution."

"This is sort of East Germany being drifted in under a modern day veneer of liberalism and Common Purpose."

`Safe Schools` in Victoria

"Term 3 has begun and unfortunately, school children in Victoria will continue to be bombarded with the compulsory `Safe Schools` indoctrination program. This program:
Forces students to use new transgender pronouns like ‘ze’, ‘they’, ‘ey.’
Encourages young people to experiment with a `dynamic and fluid` sexuality.
Demands that teachers do not use gendered language like `girls and boys` and `ladies and gentlemen`.
Denies scientific truths by propagating the theory that gender is ‘fluid’ and ‘non-binary.’
Urges students to imagine that they are same-sex-attracted and to `come out` even if they are not sure." 
"When will this relentless attack on our children end?"

Child removed unlawfully by inadequate council

"Gloucestershire county council has apologised after it unlawfully removed a young child from its mother and placed it in foster care without giving the mother or father any notice of its intention to do so."

"The action was in contravention of a care order that the council’s social workers had recommended to a court, which stated that in the event of the child being removed from its mother it should go immediately to live with its father. It took six weeks for the mother to get the child, who was breastfeeding when removed, restored to her care."

"At a hearing at Gloucester family court on Friday, the judge Stephen Wildblood described the council’s actions as unnecessary, disproportionate and deeply traumatic for the mother."

"He said the child, aged under two, had been taken from her care with a `degree of subterfuge and immediacy` that was `plainly wrong`. Unusually, he relaxed reporting restrictions in the case, after an application by the Guardian and the BBC..."

"Gloucestershire children’s services department was recently rated inadequate by Ofsted, with multiple failings identified in its previous senior management team."

Read more

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Secret evidence for secret courts

"Over the years the UK Column News has highlighted the problem of secret courts. One example is that of Melanie Shaw, who was subjected to a secret court in the sense that the hearing was not listed publicly. On top of that Melanie has had hearings...where her attendance was by video link and that video link disconnected at critical moments leaving her excluded from her own hearings which proceeded without her..."

"That`s correct, " says Brian Gerrish.

"Well, there`s another even more insidious version of secret justice in Britain, if that`s possible, because while Mel`s problems are a breach of the regulations... there is a possibility that they can be dealt with - there`s a largely unknown issue of special advocates and this one - well it`s carrying on openly and largely unchallenged. So the role of the special advocate according to the government has developed in proceedings before a wide variety of forums, both statutory and non-statutory in origin - these are the government`s words - where a party with the permission of the forum seeks to rely upon closed evidence. Closed evidence may raise issues concerning national security. Individuals and their legal representatives are excluded from hearings where closed evidence is used..."

"Special advocates perform an important role - the government`s words again - by representing the interests of the excluded party in those hearings and subjecting the sensitive material to scrutiny thereby promoting fairness in the proceedings. So let`s just understand this. People who are subject to a court proceeding where there`s a decision to include closed evidence; those defendants are not entitled to see the nature of the evidence; they`re not entitled to rebut the evidence. A third party who may or may not know anything about their case goes in and represents them - I guess somebody who`s been security vetted."

"Isn`t this the old Soviet system Mike?"

"Now `Justice`, the pressure group - I say mostly unchallenged - but `Justice` produced this 2009 report on secret evidence and they said:

"Special advocates, however, are not the cause of unfairness in proceedings. Rather, they are merely the most common and most visible symptom of the unfairness caused by the decision to allow evidence to be withheld from the defendant."

"So people have been commenting on this. It hasn`t had a huge amount of media coverage and in 2012 50 special advocates, either serving or former special advocates, submitted this memorandum on the Justice and Security Bill to the Joint Committee on Human Rights and they said :

"`We remain of the view we expressed in our response to the consultation (and endorsed by the Joint Committee on Human Rights): that [closed proceedings] are inherently unfair and contrary to the common law tradition` ... So this is the position of various people discussing this subject."

"And significant that the expression common law has appeared in that. Very significant."

"Absolutely. So why am I mentioning this today? Well because the Attorney General is seeking to appoint new members of his panel of special advocates ... So just to explain what he`s saying:  The special advocate competition is open to both self-employed barristers and solicitor advocates with at least five years advocacy experience. But he wishes to recruit advocates at the junior level; in particular those with expertise in family and employment tribunal work; and completed applications must be submitted by noon on 18 September."

"Now I can see Brian in the case of a terrorist trial some people may take the view that there`s national security issues at stake; and therefore perhaps some evidence needs to be heard in a closed court. I for the life of me cannot work out how this is appropriate to the family law division. It can`t possibly be about divorce. So this must be about the taking of children."

Brian Gerrish: "Well this is absolutely it and I come back to ... a case that is taking place in Sheffield. We`re not able to give details of the case but what we can say is that where there has been video and audio evidence of a child being abused that evidence is simply being shut out of court; so therefore there`s no case. And the other thing I`m going to say is that evidence from around the country - it doesn`t matter whether it`s Scotland, Wales, Oxford, Cornwall - of the use of the psychiatric system to silence people who`ve got evidence of child abuse; that is being used as a template. So use of the psychiatric system, preventing people seeing evidence against them in court ... this is the Soviet style system and this cannot be an accident. This must be deliberate policy that is being brought in... "

"Where evidence of the abuse of children is coming to the surface, particularly where that evidence relates to establishment figures or politicians, then the tactic first of all is the attempt to brand the witness, the person coming forward with that evidence, as having some form of mental health issue. And we know of several cases where people, with the connivance of local authorities, local mental health teams, and of course the police, have simply been put into psychiatric units on the basis of accusations that they`re somehow mentally ill. This is very very dark and sinister activity but it is happening in Britain today, I believe, to protect the government.

Pensioner jailed for care home abuse

"A man who went from job to job in care homes abusing children in Edinburgh and Lanark has been jailed for 10 years."

"Brian Dailey, 70, assaulted and sexually molested children he was supposed to be looking after during abuse spanning a decade from 1973."

"At the High Court in Edinburgh he was earlier found guilty of three indecency offences against boys and a girl and a further two charges of assault."

"Dailey was placed on the sex offenders' register indefinitely."

"A judge told the pensioner: `You have been convicted of five charges which involve the persistent, calculated, manipulative and predatory sexual abuse of two young boys and one teenage girl in relation to all of whom you were in a clear position of trust`."

Children`s bodies are being altered with injections

"More than 800 children in England some as young as ten are being given controversial drugs to help them change gender."

"The NHS treatment, which halts the onset of adulthood, is aimed at young people who believe they are trapped in the wrong body."

"Powerful monthly hormone injections stop the development of sex organs, breasts and body hair, making it easier for doctors to carry out sex-swap surgery later."

"Until now it was thought that just a handful of children and teenagers were receiving the injections, known as ‘puberty-blockers.’"

"Llyr Jones aged five. Llyr, who was born male, started living as a girl when she was 15 years old..."

"Llyr finally found relief in January last year when she was sent to London’s Tavistock gender identity clinic, which has seen a dramatic increase in referrals from 94 in 2009/10 to almost 2,000 last year."

Read more:

Risk averse psychiatry

Mark Neary ponders the workings of the Mental Health Act in relation to `best interest` decisions:

"It’s only Tuesday but in the past four days I have heard the stories of three people with autism and/or learning disabilities who are each detained under a Mental Health section. Each one of them have asked for extended leave and can make a decent best interests argument for being allowed leave but each one has been refused by the responsible psychiatrists who have cited "risk" as the reason for their refusal."

"The three requests were made to:

1. Spend a long weekend away with family in a cottage in Wales.

2. Attend a family wedding.

3. Spend his 30th birthday on a boat with his family and friends."

"It’s pretty easy to put a case together as to why any of the above would be in the person’s best interests. All of them involve quality time with people who love them and have known them for years. All three activities are significant life events and will form part of the memory photo album for the future. All three events show the person they are loved, and respected, and important to the family dynamic and that the person is a valued component of something greater and bigger than him/herself. In a nutshell, all three should be good things to do."

"But risk comes first and appears to trump best interests."

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Parental alienation - or maybe political alienation ?

I am very worried about governments regulating what goes on inside families. I am very worried about solicitors and barristers tussling each other inside courts as if the courts were boxing rings, while making money out of a child`s distress. I do believe that attempts at mediation are often a better way to proceed.

Having said that, I must admit, that this performance recently in the House of Commons shows how much children do not figure in the concerns of our political representatives.

Fathers, who are looking for more tussling in the courts - and let`s face it some mothers too - have a long way to go in influencing this empty chamber.

The child protection racket

From BBC Scotland:

"The UK government has agreed to take up to 480 unaccompanied children under the Dubs scheme - but it will then close, with ministers arguing that an open-ended commitment would encourage people trafficking."

"But a joint letter from the Scottish Secretary for Equalities, Angela Constance, and her Welsh counterpart Carl Sargeant criticises the way the scheme has been run."

"It states: `From the start of the implementation of this scheme, we have struggled with the lack of information that has been forthcoming from those running this operation`."

"`This continues to be the case and we are aware that only a couple of hundred unaccompanied children have been transferred of the 480 placements identified`."

"The letter acknowledges the emergency clearance of the Calais refugee camps led to `difficult circumstances` and that the UK government is also facing a legal challenge over the scheme`."

"It continues: `However, we both feel that overall, the lack of planning and sharing of useful information from coordinators has inhibited our ability to plan ahead`."

Maybe planning ahead is not the only thing to be worrying about.

UK Column News [20 July 2017]
"[Tim Farron] is up to his old tricks regarding unaccompanied refugee children. Yesterday he asked what was described as an urgent Commons question on the issue. So let`s have a look at what he had to say."

"Before the election the government promised they would transfer 480 refugee children from Europe to UK... Recently the government admitted that so far only 200 unaccompanied children have been given sanctuary here. When does this government expect to fulfil this measley commitment and will the Minister today give us a date. I say a measely commitment because the UK government could do so much more. Freedom of Information access requests show that local councils have voluntarily offered to accept 1,572 more children in addition to those they already support. Does the minister know this and in light of this information will the government re-open Dubs and take its fair share?"

"The hypocrisy is unbelievable," says Mike Robinson. "So he says he`s been to Greece but he hasn`t been to see any of the care homes that these children end up in Britain and [he] hasn`t done anything ... with children going missing from care homes in Britain."

"So Brandon Lewis then responded by saying: `The government is fully committed to helping and supporting the most vulnerable children;  we have contributed significantly to hosting, supporting and protecting vulnerable children affected by the migration crisis. This is part of our wider response of taking 23,000 people from the region. We`ve already granted asylum or other form of leave to over 8,000 children. Local authorities across the country are currently supporting 4,000 unaccompanied asylum seeking children."

"So as I say at no point did Tim Farron or Brandon Lewis mention the children brought to the country who have gone missing since they entered the British care system. So as we move on to the next one Brian let`s just remember that last year in November the NGO ECPAT UK and the charity Missing People released this report Heading back to harm."

"167 of 590 children suspected or identified as child trafficking victims in the UK in the year from September 2014 to 2015 vanished from foster and care homes across the UK. 593 of the 4,744 unaccompanied children placed under the protection of local authorities also went missing at least once in the same time period and of the 760 trafficked or unaccompanied children who disappeared from care 207 have never been found. 207 children that were brought to this country for safety as Tim Farron wishes have never been found having disappeared out the other end of the care system."

"The report also said that the majority of child trafficking victims who vanished from care are from various countries including Vietnam, Albania and others. But it`s not just unaccompanied children being brought into this country that are at risk because let`s remember again that the 2012 all party parliamentary group for runaway and missing children highlighted the fact that as they said - and this is a quote from them - `there`s a scandal going on in England involving children missing from care and until recent cases of child sexual exploitation in Rochdale and other places put the spotlight on this issue it was going on pretty much unnoticed`. "

"Tim Farron, it`s not unnoticed as far as he`s concerned because he`s been told about this but he will not engage on the issue. So let`s move on Brian."

Brian Gerrish explains what a sanctuary city is. "Certain cities around the country have labelled themselves `sanctuary cities` for immigrants. They say we look after people. We care for people. We protect people coming in from overseas particularly if they are asylum seekers. And yet within the sanctuary cities it is the authorities themselves, children`s services, the local authority and indeed members of the police who are actually covering up the abuse of children of those immigrant communities; and mothers who come forward to say their children are being abused - one of the tactics being used is that the local authority or children`s services will leak the names of those mothers back into their communities where they are then coming under horrific pressure... as a result of going to the authorities."

"And one particular city of interest at the moment is Sheffield where there is overwhelming evidence that there is this type of activity including judges in court refusing to see video evidence directly relating to the abuse of children... We can then follow it through. We can see a pattern within local authorities. Some members of the police are on board."

"What`s the driving force ? Well perhaps we can come on to this slide here which is from the Telegraph : Why the explosion in child snatching is big business ... And I think this is a very very powerful article because Christopher Booker has gone right to the heart of the matter, that everything to do with children is money. The moment a local authority can pinpoint a child to be taken, that child is worth something around £75,000 to £78,000 and the amount of money grows accordingly."

Reading from the article by Christopher Booker: "`A Norfolk reader sends me photographs of an advertisement placed on the back of local buses by Norfolk and Suffolk county councils. `New challenge,` it reads. `Have you thought of fostering? If so, you can earn £590 a week` and quickly makes the point... multiply that by a number of children and you`re into big money..."

"So Christopher Booker went on to say: `Most people have no idea what a big business fostering has become. When one such firm, National Fostering Agency, representing 175 local authorities after being launched by two ex-social workers in 1995, was placed on the market by Rothschilds in 2012, it was sold by its `venture capital` owners Sovereign to a `private equity` firm, Graphite Capital, for a staggering £130 million.`"

"And I`ll add to that. There`s a another company I have great interest in," says Brian Gerrish. "Core Assets - with a turnover of £198 million - all around children. There`s something deeply uncomfortable about this and of course the British government is fully involved in this. There`s no question, the British government knows the abuse is going on and it knows that many of the children are being procured through the child protection system."

UK Column News [25 July 2017]

`239 unaccompanied refugee children disappeared from UK care in 2015`

"Nobody is interested, least of all Tim Farron."

"So we know that wherever the abuse of children is happening members of the British and the American governments are going to be fairly close. Some people find it difficult to imagine that there`s collaboration between authorities, We say: `Well you`ve only got to look at who`s involved in child sexual abuse. Here we`ve got a former policeman reported in our local paper and of course he was also involved with child protection but `Look at what the judge says: `I have asked myself how you could sink so low; you who were a child protection police officer`."

"So the evidence is there in the open that people who should be protecting children are clearly unsuitable."

"The judge went on to say he couldn`t really punish this man. This was in a previous case. The man`s come up with a new set of charges. But the judge had said that the publicity given to the case would continue to be `acutely embarrassing` for him and his family. He said: `No greater punishment can be passed by me than for you to see a mug shot of yourself on the front page of the local paper...with `child `porn` and `ex-child protection police officer` linked together`."

"So according to the judge the correct sentence for this type of offence is that you should simply appear in the paper."

"So where are we going? "


"We come on to this. We`ve been reporting that refugee children in Sheffield have been particularly vulnerable and we`ve pointed out that Sheffield, as with many other major cities in UK, are now signed up to be cities of sanctuary where they`re boasting they`re protecting refugee and immigrant children. We say the opposite is happening and today we want to say that we now have irrefutable evidence that John Mothersole, Chief Executive, Sheffield City Council, is fully aware of this ongoing abuse of refugee children in Sheffield; but he is doing absolutely nothing to stop it or bring the perpetrators to justice."

"Remember that this man is a Common Purpose leader heavily involved at the highest level and if you take a little look at Common Purpose we were fascinated to see today that a gentleman called David Robinson has been appointed Chair of Common Purpose UK; and he is also on the charity trustees. So what is his claim to fame?  He`s ex Global President of swimming trunk manufacturer Speedo,  now training world leaders to lead outside authority..."

"You couldn`t make this stuff up. Why do we always mention Common Purpose when we mention child abuse? Well remember of course that two deeply sinister paedophiles, Matthew Byrne  and James Rennie, were Common Purpose graduates -  Common Purpose leaders - and of course they were found guilty of heinous crimes. Nobody knows what they were doing within the Common Purpose networks and its ability to get into schools and amongst schoolchildren."

"We do know that Matthew Byrne  was on the Merseyside advisory group. So he was helping to recruit other Common Purpose leaders."

"So, as we look at the fraud and corruption which is alongside all of the western governments, alongside power and big money is always the subject of child abuse; and we`re going to end our news once again by saying that child abuse is the fuel of the British government in Westminster."

12 year old rape victim does not know her own mind

"Former state court official Win Johnson and Lorie Mullins, executive director of COPE Pregnancy Centre hold an anti-abortion press conference Wednesday, July 19, 2017, at the Judicial Building in Montgomery."


[Salon 21 July 2017]

"Two conservative lawyers in Alabama held a press conference this week to denounce a court’s ruling allowing an abortion for a 12-year-old who was raped, reported."

"The attorneys Win Johnson and Lorie Mullins argued that the girl was not mature enough to make such a `life or death` decision..."

"The girl involved in the case sought a waiver from the parental consent law required for an underaged abortion in Alabama. The girl said she did not have a good relationship with her mother and that her father was out of the picture. A district attorney objected to the waiver, but a family court judge approved her request last month and an appeals court concurred."

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Dangers of snap map

"MINISTERS have teamed up with Police Scotland to warn children of popular social media app Snapchat which reveals users’ locations."

"Holyrood officials have also contacted the service provider who have given their backing for updated guidance to youngsters and their parents."

"Privacy concerns were raised last month after it emerged the app’s new feature revealed users’ exact location and what they were doing."

"Child safety groups warned Snap Map could put youngsters at risk of stalking and bullying but Snapchat insisted location-sharing was `completely optional` and off by default..."

"The SNP administration is working closely with digital media providers and industry to support young users and provide information to them and their parents and carers to keep them out of harm’s way."

"Earlier this year the Government also produced an action plan on the issue and works closely with Education Scotland to promote the message in schools..."

"A current support page explains: `Your friends will be shown on the Map with their Bitmoji. Sometimes, their Bitmojis might even show them driving, walking, or more! If they don’t have their Bitmoji account linked, then you’ll see them as a blank Bitmoji outline`."

"The NSPCC immediately raised concerns about the app and said: `It's worrying that Snapchat is encouraging under 18s to broadcast their location on the app where it can potentially be accessed by everyone in their contacts list`."

"`With public accounts, this will include those who are not known to the user`..."

"Statistics show the charity's Glasgow Childline base handled almost 50 calls from around the UK linked to Snapchat based bullying between June and July 2017 while over 2015/16 the service carried out close to 900 counselling sessions with children contacting them from Scotland on the issue."

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Slow official response to the Grenfell disaster

[UK Column News 19 July 2017]

"So Patrick," says Mike Robinson, "As we were walking around on the way to the [Grenfell] tower we see lots of graffiti on the streets. And you took this image which I thought was the ultimate irony."

Considerate constructors secure everyone`s safety is on a billboard in the shadow of the burnt out Grenfell tower with pictures of the dead from the tower arranged underneath. Patrick Henningsen agrees that "You could not get a more ironic photograph than that."

Mike Robinson continues: "A number of people told us while we were there that the pictures of the missing are already starting to be removed."

"They`re everywhere. From Notting Hill, Portobello area, if you walk towards Latimer Road about a mile and a half, you`ll see these images everywhere. On lamp posts and clustered around under west way near Latimer station especially. And these are memorials more than anything. I think it`s symbolic. I think there`s a kind of cathartic experience for residents... I do think it helps people to remember [those] they`ve lost, friends, family members, in some cases. So I think it is very important and I think it should be up to the residents whether these types of memorials should be removed, and not the council. I think that`s very important but I have a sneaky suspicion it will be the authorities who will want to determine that, rather than the people who actually live in that community."
Mike Robinson: "Well yesterday the BBC published this. Now this is one of their reality check articles. And so they`ve waded into the discussion of what has happened to the donations given by the public following the Grenfell disaster. As I say this is one of the reality check articles which if you remember is the BBC`s so called anti-fake news fact checking service. And so I`m just going to run through a couple of things they say in this because they`ve done the reality check and we`ve got to assume - it`s the BBC - the facts are correct."

"The numbers don`t add up Brian and Pat."

"`Survivors and relatives of those who died in the fire in Grenfell tower last month have so far received only a small fraction of the cash and items donated by members of the public. It was two days after the Grenfell tower fire that mountains of donations sat in car parks and basketball courts and by the side of the road. The now infamous and black high-rise block loomed nearby. From clothes to baby milk, bedding to bottled water, the huge quantity of donations was the enduring positive image in a week of tragedy which shook the country in so many ways`. And they say that a total of more than 170 tonnes of items were donated. Some of those donations through the Red Cross have now been moved to a warehouse in Cheshire, Patrick. ...So this apparently is the Red Cross`s northern sorting office which they say is for the Grenfell appeal. The article says that so far one hundred giant cardboard containers full of donations have been moved there. An estimated 174 tonnes of items were donated. Ten tonnes have, or soon will be, made available to the former residents of Grenfell tower."

Another photograph taken by Patrick Henningsen is shown displaying inside the council support centre.

"Would you say ten tonnes of items are being made available to former residents?"

"No no, it`s kind of a skeleton operation inside the centre... This is run by all the various authorities. When you walk in, it has the atmosphere of a trade show. When you walk in, the first thing you see on the left, the Red Cross have a stand there complete with the pop up banners and a table; and gentlemen and ladies with the lanyards around their necks and branded uniforms and so forth. So you move on to the NHS mental health table for the... mental health literature..."

"What struck me when you walk in the centre, ...there`s a few people in there, maybe a few victims or a few residents, but on the whole it`s empty. Key workers ... or volunteers, or whatever they are, outnumber the actual residents there by, I don`t know, a huge ratio. I don`t know what aid that centre is actually delivering to people on the ground. I would suspect it`s minimal compared to the actual scale of what`s out there. You have to remember we`re talking about not just the people in Grenfell tower who have survived but hundreds, possibly thousands of residents, who have also been affected directly by this event."

"Absolutely," agrees Mike Robinson. "So let`s get back to the BBC article. They say ten tonnes have or soon will be made available. They say 62 tonnes of donations are being sold in British Red Cross shops. So we`ve now got official confirmation from BBC reality check that that`s what`s going on. The proceeds are going apparently to the Grenfell fund. Fifteen tonnes are being sold to textile recycling companies; 87 tonnes are still to be sorted. Now that`s according to the Red Cross. On top of that there have been cash donations of £20million, £5.5million has come through the London Community Foundation/Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund; £5.1million through the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation, £4.7million through the Red Cross; £4million which were individual appeals through various crowdfunding sites, £500,000 from four Muslim charities. So the total collected is £20million."

"And the total given out so far, Patrick, £800,000 and that is £215,000 to Grenfell Muslim Response, £220,000 to the Local Community Foundation, £180,000 to the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation, £158,000 by the London Emergency Trust. The money has got to be the biggest problem we have here because we have already heard residents describing how some people were getting money; other people weren`t. Perhaps this is going to be used as a mechanism for breaking up the solidarity there is within that community."

"That is already happening... There are two reasons why the money wouldn`t get distributed evenly. One is the bureaucracy is inefficient and unable to do that... So you have £20million raised and instead of going directly to the residents and those affected it`s being channelled through other charities. So another layer of bureaucracy with yet more administrative costs...  £800,000 - if you divide that up amongst the number of survivors we`re told from Grenfell tower that might be approximately £36,000 per head and if we go and speak to all these 200 and odd people... from the tower how many of them have received the £36,000 per head?... I would say very few if any have received that. So what are we looking at here?  The charity boondoggle which exists in the 21st century which is a massive industry on its own."

"And while the official response is pretty lacklustre the community response is as good as it could possibly be..."

Police Operation

"And in the meantime the police operation to recover human remains continues; the police saying that officers are moving one flat at a time through the building, on their hands and knees using small trowels and shovels, removing debris and seiving the debris through a mesh 6mm in size. This they say is so that they can pick up any identifiable parts of a human body. All debris is being packaged and labelled and then they move on to the next flat."

"The speed of their operation they say is determined by the fact that they have to pay attention to weather conditions, that they have to go up and down twenty three flights of stairs and what you`re seeing on screen at the moment is a still from a video that the Metropolitan police released where in this shot you see two Met police guys in hazmat suits and breathing apparatus and the guy on the right there - and I really thought this was despicable under the circumstances - he `s standing there breathing heavily and pretending to be out of breath. Now I`m not going to underestimate the effort it takes to move up and down that building. What they`re saying is they have to work in three hour shifts and if it gets too hot and they`re getting dehydrated they`ve got to work in shorter shifts and therefore they`re travelling up and down the stairs a lot. But to my mind, bearing in mind the human tragedy in this whole thing, for them to make a big deal of the fact that they have to walk up and down these stairs - these are supposed to be fit police officers - I thought that was pretty despicable. But they`re using this as an excuse to apologise for the length of time it`s taking to get through this job. As far as I`m concerned, Brian, if you want to do your job in less time, get more people on it."

Brian Gerrish: "Well it is interesting Mike. What I pick up from that is, of course, both these men are wearing professional respirators. So they are filtering the air. We know that there`s been an asbestos risk which I think you`re going to mention.... So at the end of the day those fibres are going to be on the suits they`re wearing themselves. You don`t want it on your skin. There`s something rather odd about this. And the other thing is - no windows. So the moment you get up ... a few storeys there`s going to be quite a breeze blowing through that building."

"That is a very good point and let`s just come on to the air quality then because the government is saying the air quality in the local area is absolutely fine. No problems with it. But as you just said there`s no windows in the building and therefore there is nothing to prevent debris being ejected out of the building by the breeze. "

"So the government has produced its air quality document and statistics and here`s the front page of it showing where they have the various air quality monitoing stations of various types. And Environmental monitoring following the Grenfell Tower fire data update. And Patrick no surprise that what they`re saying is that everything`s green; everything`s fine. No problems. And if we look at the asbestos monitoring no asbestos detected on the streets at all. I find this fairly unlikely."

Painful restraint is still allowed

"Since 2011 staff in secure children’s homes have been banned from using restraint techniques that deliberately inflict pain. Yet, incredibly, no such protection exists when children are being escorted to and from these very same services."

"Escort custody officers are authorised to inflict pain as a form of restraint. Last year, the Youth Justice Board announced its secure escort contractor was using a behavior management approach known as Minimising and Managing Physical Restraint (MMPR)."

"MMPR was developed for child prisons in response to the restraint-related deaths of two children. Gareth Myatt, 15, and Adam Rickwood, 14, died in secure training centres run by G4S and Serco respectively."

"Gareth died in April 2004 after choking on his own vomit while he was held down. G4S officers had forced him into a seated position and bent his upper body towards his thighs and knees. They ignored his cries that he couldn’t breathe. Gareth lost consciousness within six or seven minutes."

"Four months later Adam died after being unlawfully restrained for refusing to go to his room. He was inflicted with a ‘nose distraction’; a prison service restraint technique involving an upward strike to the nose with the intention of causing severe pain. Adam took his own life hours later, leaving a note for his solicitor to say he had asked staff what gave them the right to hit a child on the nose."

"The specific techniques used on Gareth and Adam were eventually permanently withdrawn from child prisons and are not permitted under MMPR."

"But the use of other painful restraint methods remains allowed and has persisted despite calls for a ban from UN bodies, the prisons inspectorate, the NSPCC and the UK’s four Children’s Commissioners."

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