Friday, 19 January 2018

Predatory educators


"When people look for information about food stamps on a search engine, they are often confronted with ads for go-betweens, like FindFamilyResources... sites look official and provide links to real government forms. But they also gather names and e-mail addresses for predatory advertisers, including for-profit colleges. They rake in lead generation fees by providing a superfluous service to people, many of whom are soon targeted for services they can ill afford..."

"[F]rom a society`s perspective, a simple hunt for government services puts a big target on the back of poor people, leading a certain number of them toward false promises and high-interest loans..."

Cathy O`Neil `Weapons of Math Destruction`

Child denied painkiller

"Melody Driscoll - who has undergone more then 40 operations - suffers from Rett Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects brain development and results in severe mental and physical disability."

"Doctors at King's College Hospital in London are weaning her off morphine over fears that it could result in potentially fatal liver damage."

"Her parents are suing the hospital in a bid to get the painkiller for their daughter."

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Dana pursues landmark prosecution

"Former Eurovision song contest winner Dana is pursuing a landmark prosecution of those who gave false evidence against her brother John Brown. Mr Brown, 61, a father-of-three who works in PR and the music industry, had denied all the claims. Dana who is his older sister, 67, a former Irish presidential candidate, was also accused by the prosecution of covering up her brother’s abuse for more than three decades."

"The Metropolitan Police has sent a file to the Crown Prosecution Service regarding the evidence given by the seven witnesses in 2014 when John Brown was unanimously acquitted of five counts of indecent assault against two girls under the age of 13 and 16."

"During the trial, two women alleged that they had been abused at locations in Northern Ireland and England during the 1970’s. Among the flaws in the evidence given by the two women at trial was the fact that one of them was not even in the country at the time of the alleged abuse, and there was also claims of alleged abuse at a property that had not been built at the time."

"It is noteworthy that the allegations were only made for the first time when Dana became embroiled in a protracted commercial dispute with others."

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Gender confusion in the NHS

"Ten-year-old children are being asked by the NHS whether they are "comfortable in their gender" in official health surveys being completed in schools, it has emerged."

"The form given to children in year six to complete asks: `Do you feel the same inside as the gender you were born with? (feeling male or female)`."

"Youngsters are also asked to tick a box to confirm their true gender, with options including `boy`, `girl` and `other`. "

"Parents have been told that the NHS survey helps healthcare workers and teachers develop `better ways to understand and support` children who may be struggling with their identity - but it is not known whether certain children will be approached based on their answers..."

Now for a bit of common sense:

"The American College of Pediatricians urges healthcare professionals, educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts not ideology determine reality."

"1. Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: "XY" and "XX" are genetic markers of male and female, respectively not genetic markers of a disorder. The norm for human design is to be conceived either male or female. Human sexuality is binary by design with the obvious purpose being the reproduction and flourishing of our species. This principle is self-evident. The exceedingly rare disorders of sex development (DSDs), including but not limited to testicular feminization and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, are all medically identifiable deviations from the sexual binary norm, and are rightly recognized as disorders of human design. Individuals with DSDs (also referred to as "intersex") do not constitute a third sex."

"2. No one is born with a gender. Everyone is born with a biological sex. Gender (an awareness and sense of oneself as male or female) is a sociological and psychological concept; not an objective biological one. No one is born with an awareness of themselves as male or female; this awareness develops over time and, like all developmental processes, may be derailed by a child’s subjective perceptions, relationships, and adverse experiences from infancy forward. People who identify as "feeling like the opposite sex" or "somewhere in between" do not comprise a third sex. They remain biological men or biological women."

"3. A person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking. "


The Tory reshuffle

[UK Column Tuesday 9 January 2019]

Brian Gerrish: "Well this particular gentleman is Brendan Lewis and we were intrigued to see that the former Policing Minister has now been made Tory Chairman and Minister without Portfolio. So he`s really coming into a position of great power in the party. And remember that Gavin Williamson the Chief Whip has been moved over to defence, also a very powerful position, but we were ..."

Mike Robinson: "Sorry, the Minister without Portfolio role - he`s supposed to be a trouble shooter...."

"Yes, I`m sure he is. ... Let`s just remember why UK Column should be interested in this particular gentleman:"

"Well let`s bring in this. `Open Letter To Policing Minister Brendan Lewis MP with regard to the police Whistleblower, John Wedger`."

"Now John Wedger went to see Mr Lewis. He had several meetings with him in his office in Westminster in which John told Mr Lewis in great detail what he`d discovered in relation to the cover-up of child abuse in London ... He was talking about a cover-up which involved local authorities. It was involving children`s charities. It was involving the Metropolitan Police and of course it was also involving MPs and members of the establishment. So, despite a meeting with the then Policing Minister, nothing happened."

"Now we produced an open letter. Let`s just take a couple of paragraphs out of that..."

`In the last few days [this is going back to July 2016] a very brave Detective Constable from the Met Police [John Wedger] has given a public testimony of the orchestrated cover-up of widespread child abuse, principally in London, but also UK wide. He describes the nature and scale of the child abuse including grooming, sexual abuse, prostitution, trafficking and cover-ups involving police, politicians, Local Authorities, Social Services and Charities. `

`Please will you, Mr Lewis, explain under your Ministerial responsibilities and Duty of Care to uphold the law and protect victims, witnesses and whistleblowers what action you will take to protect this man and to ensure that the serious criminal matters relating to child abuse he raises are addressed and those guilty of criminal offences and offences relating to public office such as malfeasance in public office are brought to justice. `

"Well, did we get a reply? The answer is `of course not.` We had no reply at all from Mr Lewis. There was a wall of silence in relation to this matter and of course he did nothing directly, it would appear, for John Wedger either; although we understand there is an allegation that he did speak personally to Theresa May to talk about this case, but Theresa May did nothing."

"So isn`t it interesting that this man, who through this interaction with John Wedger alone, would be fully in the picture in relation to serious child abuse around the conservative party and other politicians in London; but what action does the man take? Apparently nothing."

"So he`s now running the tory party. "


"Theresa May is very big into children, charities, voluntary groups. There she is hugging the teddy bear and this is the lady we can trust. But of course in reality this is the lady who, not only did nothing with the evidence of John Wedger, she`s done more than her fair share to make sure that Melanie Shaw, the Nottingham child abuse whistleblower, remains in prison. Melanie has now spent well over eighteen months in prison, mostly in solitary confinement, 23 and a half hours a day."
`Former Home Secretary now Prime Minister Theresa May [is] happy to see child abuse whistleblower Melanie Shaw incarcerated in prison, locked up 23 hours per day for over 18 months, denied medical treatment and serving time with no known charge, sentence or release date ...`

Friday, 5 January 2018

Spontaneous events in Iran ?

Meat industry considers health risks of processed meats

"What was the meat industry’s response to leading cancer charities’ recommendation to stop eating processed meat, like bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausage, and lunchmeat? The industry acknowledges that the most recent international cancer prevention guidelines now urge people to avoid processed meat."

"`It is evident that…such a statement represents ‘a clear and present danger’ for the meat industry,` reads one response in the journal Meat Science.  Processed meat, it continues, is `a social necessity.` (How could anyone live without bologna?) The challenge for the meat industry, the response outlines, is to find a way to maintain the consumption of these convenience products while somehow not damaging public health."

"We’re still not sure what in processed meat is so carcinogenic, but the most probable educated guess for explaining the damaging effect of processed meats involves heme iron, along with nitrosamine and free radical formation, ultimately resulting in carcinogenic DNA damage. To reduce the nitrosamines, they could remove the nitrites, something the industry has been considering for decades because of the long-known toxic effects they cause. The industry adds them to keep the meat pink. There are, evidently, other coloring additives available. Nevertheless, it’s going to be hard to get industry to change `in view of the positive effects` of these substances as preservatives and in achieving a `desirable flavour and red colour developing ingredients.` No one wants green eggs and ham..."

"According to the World Health Organization’s IARC, processed meat is now a Group 1 carcinogenthe highest designation. How is it that schools still feed it to our children?"

In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Remembering Aaron Swartz

"Guerilla Open Access Manifesto"

"Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves. The world`s entire scientific and cultural heritage, published over centuries in books and journals, is increasingly being digitised and locked up by a handful of private corporations..."

"Those with access to these resources - students, librarians, scientists - you have been given a privilege. You get to feed at this banquet of knowledge while the rest of the world is locked out. But you need not - indeed, morally, you cannot - keep this privilege for yourselves. You have a duty to share it with the world... "

"Meanwhile, those who have been locked out are not standing idly by: You have been sneaking through holes and climbing over fences, liberating the information locked up by the publishers and sharing them with your friends."

"But all of this action goes on in the dark, hidden underground: it`s called stealing or piracy, as if sharing a wealth of knowledge were the moral equivalent of plundering a ship and murdering its crew. But sharing isn`t immoral - it`s a moral imperative. Only those blinded by greed would refuse to let a friend make a copy."

"Large corporations, of course, are blinded by greed. The laws under which they operate require it - their shareholders would revolt at anything less. And the politicians they have bought off back them, passing laws giving them the exclusive power to decide who can make copies..."

Aaron Swartz

Tim Berners-Lee