Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The pincer attack on global education

Robin Eubanks is not the easiest blogger to read but she is one amazing researcher in the field of education and if you absorb one tenth of the information she is putting out, that will be more than enough to stimulate thinking about the transformation of global education.

In this particular post she is pointing out that there is a pincer attack on education coming from both the political left and political right which is directing education along a similar global pathway.

Hard as it is to believe, anybody who knows anything about the United Nations Agenda 21 (upgraded to 2030) will recognise that left/right convergence as communitarianism. There`s no opposition.

Her concern in this post is to alert readers to the motivation behind the global transformation in education. The child/adult is to grow up having had their perceptions of the world engineered and transformed to fit into the world being structured for them by the global elite. The student`s perceptions do not have to be based on reality; they just have to be believed. This is where social and emotional learning becomes important.

"What if that goal for creating `a worthy planetary civilization` relies on governments at all levels stipulating performance and achievement ‘standards’, which regulate what anyone must know or do? What if those same levels of government describe the desired values, dispositions, ethics, and beliefs that students are to internalize? What if those stipulations get hidden as social emotional learning, character, or civics education? What if parents never grasp that both NAEP and PISA are looking to assess for whether the desired internalized, prescribed attributes have taken hold at a neurobiological level? Parents might then never know that their child was being socially re-engineered at school because they believe those measures are ‘tests.’ They would have been misled and might fail to recognize the existence of a PDMa Political Disciplinary Mechanismused to make sure that the subsidiary levels of government remain faithful to the desired national or global implementation..."
"[Let`s]l shift to what UK Sociologist Anthony Giddens wrote in his 1994 book Beyond Left and Right: The Future of Radical Politics where he talked about shifting from a welfare state to Positive Welfare. As I have documented previously."
"Happiness ‘does not depend on outside events, but rather on how we interpret them’; it is ‘a condition that must be prepared for, cultivated.’ It depends less on controlling the outer world than controlling the inner one. ‘People who learn to control inner experience will be able to determine the quality of their lives, which is as close as any of us can come to being happy...’"
"What if social emotional learning and quality learning are actually designed to change how the child perceives the world just as Giddens desired and parents are unaware because they have been trained deceitfully like Pavlov’s Dogs to simply worry about databases of Personally Identifiable Information?"


What she is saying is that there is a global agenda to re-engineer children coming from both the political left and right that lies behind the mass collection of data on children which is why `facts` are no longer important, but emotions are. These changes need to be monitored.

In other words,  there is more to worry about than the databases.

John Swinney is bluffing about Supreme Court ruling

From the Daily Mail:

"`STATE snooper` schemes already in place across Scotland are unlawful, according to legal advice obtained by campaigners."

"The revelation has prompted the Tories to accuse Education Secretary John Swinney of `bluffing`, following a Supreme Court ruling last month."

"While the brakes have been applied to the SNP`s plan for a Named Person for every child, a quarter of Scots youngsters have already had one imposed on them."

"Many of the councils trialling the scheme have allowed snoopers to share information on children - which was at the heart of the Supreme Court decision that the system breached European human rights law."

"Last night, a Scottish Government spokesman insisted the court`s judgment `does not relate to current practice`."

"But lawyers advising the No to the Named Person campaign - which was victorious in its challenge to the Government - disagree."

"A campaign spokesman said: `The legal situation is clear - any information sharing must be done in line with the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act`."

"`What the 2014 Act says about information sharing must be totally disregarded - not only have those sections never been in force, they`re now never going to be in force because the Supreme Court has ruled them unlawful`."

"`If the practice on the ground looks at all like the 2014 Act provisions - which some of the cases certainly seem to show - then it is unlawful and must be urgently reined in`."

"`We would urge anyone who is concerned about how their information has been shared to make subject access requests to find out what information is held about them, to help expose unlawful practices`...."

"`It costs as little as £10 for a subject access request to find out what data the state holds on your family`."

McDonalds launch new keep-fit toy

"McDonald’s, a company reviled as of late for its use of unhealthy ingredients, has decided to change course. Kind of."

"In its latest marketing ploy to prove it is more than a chemical mill masquerading as a restaurant, McDonald’s has launched a new Happy Meal toy: a pedometer."

The month-long `step-it` toy promotion is intended to encourage children to exercise. McDonald’s Canada Senior Marketing Manager, Michelle McIlmoyle, discussed the new temporary addition. `Physical activity is important to everyone of all ages. We very much support children’s well-being,` she said in a press release, as reported by Digital Trends."

"Step-it is in line with McDonald’s general philosophy for Happy Meal toys, which is to make toys that encourage either physical or imagination-based play,` she added."

"The new wristband fitness tracker is the company’s latest effort to clean up its image."

Youth development across the commonwealth

"The Commonwealth Youth Development Index (YDI) measures the status of 15-29 year-olds in 170 countries according to five key domains: Education, Health and Well-being, Employment, Civic Participation and Political Participation. YDI scores range from 0-1, 0 being the lowest youth development and 1 the highest."

"The YDI is not just about presenting data, but also collecting it..."

"The Commonwealth Youth Development Index (YDI) is the first attempt to aggregate global youth-specific data...As well as establishing a monitoring framework, YDI will act as an incentive for member countries to collect youth-specific data as they see their achievements and needs ranked globally and regionally."

"To mark International Youth Day 2016, on 12 August, the first-ever Australian National Youth Development Index report has been launched with support from the Commonwealth Secretariat. The index measures the situation for 6.3 million young people aged 10 to 29 in Australia, and examines changes between 2006 and 2015 across five domains: education, health and well-being, employment, civic participation and political participation."

"According to the index, all Australian federal states and territories have seen an improvement in overall youth development since 2006, with the one exception of Tasmania. Political participation has seen the largest improvements nationwide, with increases in the numbers of young people taking part in democratic processes."

"Overall national youth health and wellbeing has however deteriorated, with illicit drug use, mental health, suicides and growing rates of sexually transmitted diseases key drivers of this decline."

- See more at:

And Australia got the highest YDI score in the commonwealth !

Monday, 22 August 2016

Fife social worker accused of bungling 16 children`s cases

"A SOCIAL worker involved with Liam Fee and Mikaeel Kular in the months before they died has been accused of bungling the cases of 16 children."

"Lesley Bate was part of the Fife social work team responsible for the little boys` welfare shortly before both were killed by their parents."

"Liam, two, was murdered by his mother Rachel and her sadistic civil partner Nyomi while three-year-old Mikaeel died two days after being beaten by his mother Rosdeep Adekoya."

"Bate, 60, faces 13 charges of failing to properly handle the cases of 16 children aged from one to 15."

"The charges relate to the period between December 2011 and August 2014, when she was employed by Fife Council in the child protection team in Glenrothes and the children and families team in Dunfermline as a social worker."

"One of the charges claims Bate failed to follow up concerns raised by a childminder about a one-year-old- boy, labelled FF."

"It alleges that despite the carer raising concerns on January 15, 2013, `regarding bruising to the face` of the baby - and the next month that `he had a sore neck` - Bate did not act."

"During the Liam murder trial, childminder Heather Farmer told the court she contacted the Scottish Childminding Association in January 2013 after he turned up with scratches and bruises to his face."

"In a separate incident, she raised concerns about the toddler`s neck after he was dropped off at her home on February 18, 2013."

"The charges against Bate also include failing to properly assess sex abuse claims involving a girl aged three and allegedly staying for tea at the family home of a vulnerable child."

"She is accused of not minimising the risk of harm to children, not maintaining accurate records and disobeying management instructions."

"On another occasion she allegedly left confidential paperwork in the street..."

"The news was revealed by a Fife Council whistleblower, who highlighted details of the authority`s controversial handling of Liam`s care."

"Senior social workers claimed at his trial that the tot inexplicably `fell off the radar` but insiders said Liam was still under the care of Fife Council`s Glenrothes social work team."

Child protection is supposed to be based on teamwork.  It looks like management is getting off lightly here.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Suspended sentence for ex-husband of Baby P boss

"The ex-husband of shamed Baby P boss Sharon Shoesmith was convicted after being caught with a haul of child porn."

"Geoffrey Shoesmith, 67, was given a suspended 16-month jail term after he admitted making and possessing indecent images of children."

"It comes as Ms Shoesmith plans to cash in on the scandal that got her sacked from her role with Haringey Council, launching a book called Learning From Baby P."

"Baby P, real name Peter Connelly, died in Haringey, north London, in 2007 after suffering more than 50 injuries..."

"The offences are thought to have taken place between October 2008 and August 2014, after the pair split and there is no suggestion Ms Shoesmith knew about his offending."

"Today, a relative of the child told The Sun: 'Geoffrey Shoesmith’s conviction is ironic given her role at Haringey was meant to be to protect kids."

"The family is already very angry about her book."

PE teacher struck off

"A FORMER Drumchapel High School teacher who forced a child with a concussion to participate in a PE class and walked out of both her class and the school without alerting anyone has been struck off."

"A number of complaints were listed against the physical education teacher, Merody Campbell, including that of a parent who reported a child being forced to take part in the class by setting up equipment despite having an exemption certificate due to a concussion in August 2012."

"On another occasion on November 21, 2012, a pupil sustained a `serious injury` while in Miss Campbell`s class, however, no effort was made to contact a senior staff member and it is unknown if she followed the official school procedure."

Friday, 19 August 2016

Ten questions

Coverage of the Docherty case begins about 36.06 minutes when Alex Thomson informs viewers and listeners that the transcript of the Docherty interviews are now available on the UK Column website.

Here`s the link to the transcript:

Alex Thomson  holds a print out of the pdf to show the huge document which will take the weekend to read.

"We now have a member of the Scottish parliament," he says, "who would not like publicity at this stage, looking at it seriously on behalf of the Dochertys, which is a first." He then spends a few minutes reading out the table of contents which gives a chronology of what has been done to the Dochertys.

When he gets to: "The suspected paedophile Alan Low immediately digs up the  Crimonmogate estate at night,"  he reminds viewers that they have a police source who has informed them that the bodies of children were dumped at sea after being dug up from there.

Moving on: "This is what the Dochertys are asking for help on right now. So if you`re watching in Ireland or Scotland particularly we would love to hear from you at"

"Here are their ten questions:"

"1. Is Jean Smyth the manager of social services in Letterkenny in Donegal in fact the wife of Regional Director John Smyth? "

"2. Who in the Irish government is trying to tell the Dochertys to place all the blame on the social worker in Mayo, Mary Malee, in order to deflect from the Dublin government?"

"3. What is the relationship between Sergeant John Forkan and Maria Houston who uses various name spellings who is the unqualified woman who the Dochertys believe has been looking after their son without qualifications and hitting him?"

"4. What is the background and motivation of the Donegal lawyer Liza Finegan ?"

"5. What is the current professional practice status and location of psychiatrist Dr Ciaran Smyth who tried to do a stitch up on the Dochertys?"

"6. What is the current official location and the current actual practice location of the social worker Gabrielle McDaid? It appears she lives in Londonderry, is registered in Londonderry and works across the international border in Donegal where she became runner up for Irish Social Worker of the Year without apparently being registered with an Irish public practice address. And allied to that: was Gabrielle McDaid registered to practice social work in the Republic of Ireland before June 2016 at the time she was dealing with the Dochertys?"

"7. What is judge Paul Kelly`s background within the Roman Catholic church?"

"8. Since the court appointed guardian Patricia Molony does not drive and we think she`s actually South African by origin but she`s been in Ireland and Britain, and doesn`t drive, who was it who got the police in Northern Ireland and Scotland to give them an escort as we think they had to take the children, against their will actually, to their maternal grandmother`s funeral in January 2016 in Perthshire in Blairgowrie we believe... Who gave them police escort? Who authorised it?"

"9. Who bought Laughton House in County Offaly for James Reilly who was the previous children`s minister in Northern Ireland because he`s known to be a bad debtor for nearly two million euros? And which entities and persons previously purchased for James Reilly a care home which he then had to sell? We believe that Reilly is penniless and being manipulated by Irish, British or other interests. Who bought his houses?"

"10. This is most important. Can the public notify us of any people connected with - anyone you can read about in this transcript - who are known or reasonably suspected to be, police informants or military intelligence informants, to have an allegiance to Freemasonry, to any criminal group or political gangsters or to the Roman Catholic church, especially if that allegiance is much stronger than they publicly intimate because people have sidled up to the Dochertys and pretended to be nominal catholics or ex Freemasons and you find out that they very much aren`t catholics and current Freemasons. And finally on point 10 can the public tell us about anyone connected with any of these people who is living a lie about their denominational affiliations, their sources of wealth, the amount of their wealth, their political loyalty or their sexuality or their nationality?"

Brian Gerrish adds the following comment: "We have been getting extremely good help that includes the police, and Alex, I have to put this in because you won`t be aware of this at the moment but we`ve also been receiving very good assistance from people that we know are Freemasons. So I`m going to gently suggest here that the rule should be to judge people by their actions but I`m able to say with confidence this lunchtime that we know that there`s huge disquiet within the masonic movement as individuals start to realise how deep and how dirty this criminal activity is."

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Dad denied information about his ill daughter

"David Foreman was alarmed to discover his desperately ill four-month-old baby had been airlifted to hospital for life-saving treatment and the information had been deliberately kept from him."

"Mr Foreman, 53, slammed the man responsible for Nicola Sturgeon's Named Person's policy and demanded Highland Council is subject to an inquiry over its unlawful handling of his case..."

Campaigners outside Supreme Court

"Highland Council has been operating a pilot version of the controversial legislation since 2010 but the Supreme Court has blocked its national roll out."

"David Foreman from Dorset, who lives in Wick, has been pleading with Director of Health and Social Care Bill Alexander for access to information and case notes on his daughter's well being for weeks."

"He has since discovered through a subject data access request that his four-month-old daughter has been airlifted to hospital and had her name changed on case notes, which is in breach of the law..."

"The Council and NHS Highland who are supposed to be working in tandem have refused to give Mr Foreman access to vital information on his sick baby who was airlifted 250 miles to hospital without his knowledge..."

Children return to school in Edinburgh